Monday, 24 June 2013

365 Project: Photo 175

Last day of the stag party and there were only four brave souls left to return the boat whence we found it. We were just half hour or so from home when we turned a corner to find a boat that looked like it belonged to a serial killer adrift in the middle of the canal right by a bridge, it was completely blocking the waterway. There was no one else about and so we swung into action. I was driving and pulled over whilst a couple of friends started scrabbling about with ropes and whatnot to secure it again. This wasn't really the sort of place to tie boats up, however, it was very reedy and there were no fastenings on the shore so I think they used a tree.

Once the way was clear we tried to set off only to find that in the process we had got the propeller a little tangled in all the vegetation so we began unbeaching ourselves. I decided to quickly step ashore and give us a nudge with my arse but just as I leapt we shifted and all of a sudden my jump was not sufficient. I sort of landed in the reedy bit and took a few stinging nettles to the face, which was fun, but then was immediately off balance and falling backwards so I quickly threw myself at the side of the boat desperately trying to grab that rail that goes around the tiller. My ribs and wrist took the brunt of it where I now have an array of bruises and scrapes and my face was rather sore for the rest of the day; but we were able to proceed and got the boat back just in time. A mere bagatelle. Conveniently, the theme today was A Dramatic Scene.